We come from all over the country…and the world. We’re single and married, working and retired, and from every background you can imagine. We’re active and social, and united in our desire to make new friends and to enjoy life.

Connecting Newcomers to
Cape Coral's Vibrant Community

Welcome to the heart of Cape Coral’s warm and welcoming community, The New Resident Club of Cape Coral. Established in 1967, we are the bridge to a vibrant and fulfilling life in this tropical paradise. With over 50 years of history and thousands of members, our mission is clear: to help you make new friends, discover exciting activities, and immerse yourself in the Cape Coral way of life.

Why Choose the New Resident Club of Cape Coral?

🤝 Forge Lifelong Friendships: Moving to a new town can be a daunting experience, but not when you have us by your side. We are your social catalyst, bringing people together through diverse and engaging events every month. With us, you’ll not only discover the wonders of Cape Coral but also build lasting friendships along the way.

🌞 A Cape Coral Tradition: We take pride in being an integral part of Cape Coral’s history and heritage. Joining our club means becoming part of a tradition that has welcomed countless newcomers with open arms, making them feel at home from day one.

🌴 Embrace the Tropical Lifestyle: Cape Coral’s tropical lifestyle is unlike any other, and we’re here to help you dive right in. From outdoor adventures to cultural experiences, we’ll introduce you to the best that this paradise has to offer.

🤗 Your Path to Community Involvement: Becoming an active member of your new community has never been easier. Our club serves as a network that connects you with like-minded individuals who share your interests. Engage in planned activities, community initiatives, and local projects—all while making lifelong friendships.

🏡 Your Home Away from Home: We understand that home is where the heart is, and we’re here to ensure your heart belongs to Cape Coral. Our non-profit organization is dedicated to enhancing your experience as a newcomer, making the transition into this beautiful community smooth and enjoyable. 🏡🌴🤗

We hold a general membership meeting at 9:15 a.m. on the first Thursday of each month at the Lake Kennedy Center (400 Santa Barbara Blvd). Please join us for coffee and a light snack and get acquainted with the most dynamic social group in the Cape.

The NRC Structure

NRC events & activities are open to ALL Members. There is a one-time cost of $60 for individuals and $120 for couples to join the NRC. During the first 3 years of membership, you also have the right to vote & hold office within the Club. After 3 years, you can no longer vote nor hold office (referred to as a Non-Voting Member).

While the NRC consists of thousands of Members, new Groups are formed by all the new Members joining the NRC in a given month. These Groups also plan their own events & activities for just their Group (such as Potluck dinner parties, “Night-out” gatherings for their Group, card parties, etc.). This Group structure allows new Members to more rapidly form friendships with a small group of people with similar interests living in Cape Coral while still getting to participate in the full Club’s events & activities to form additional friendships with Members in other Groups.

After joining the NRC members have access to a members-only website with information on events and ability to purchase tickets, a members-only FaceBook page, and a monthly newsletter. 

Please use these links below for more information on membership in the NRC.